Improve physical conditions of neighborhoods

Improve physical conditions of neighborhoods

Improve physical conditions of neighborhoods


If these spaces are created please ensure that they are maintained.

If neighbors went out with their kids and cleaned things up they'd have more pride in their work and litter less.

We should progressively tax vacant lots and abandoned buildings to encourage turnover and usage of the lots. We should expedite zoning so that projects can get off the ground faster. We should create BID where local business owners can work together to improve businesses in neighborhoods and not the everyone for themselves that it seems like we have now. We need to hire cleanup crews to proactively clean our neighborhoods instead of relying on Seeclickfixit reactive cleanup.

Trees and natural spaces improve mental and physical health for everyone in the community, as well as help reduce crime. I'd also recommend planting more trees in along streets!

This expenditure can be seen as an investment

I live in the Fruitvale area and I would like more trees and parks, clean and resurfaced sidewalks and streets. I agree that it would create calmness. We are heavily populated and have high density housing. Children would benefit greatly since new families are moving in. I wish for them what I never got.

Also need enforcement of speeding laws which are causing so many accidents resulting in unsafe streets.

Improving Physical Condition - Parker Elementary School

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