Improve Eviction Protections!

Improve Eviction Protections!

Improve Eviction Protections!


Free counseling/legal advice for tenants are plentiful. No resources for homeowners. I have had a lodger that left open cans of food laying around the house then turned me into the City because there was a bug problem. With few exceptions a lease is a one sided contract and for the tenant it is a never ending contract b/c it goes MTM after the end of the period. At that point the Tenant can end the contract on a whim. Without homeowner protections, units won't be available

I agree with this solution because we need to prevent more people from living unhoused. We are maxed out across the city and any way we can prevent another person losing their home is MUCH better for everyone.

We also need to consider that this is a complex issue. There are small landlords, who, for example, live in a duplex or triplex and rent a unit, but cannot get rid of terrible tenants, even when they don't pay. Many of these 'landlords' are elderly and take a lot of abuse from tenants who know they can't be evicted. I know several people who are taking their units off the market because their rights as homeowners are less than those of tenants. This could make our housing shortage worse!

The Fed. government and State should pay for Low Income Housing and stop blaming property owners. Property owners should get a break on there property taxes for housing tenants.

The City has already proven they are apt to abuse power during COVID and instituting endless eviction moratoriums - they have lost all goodwill with housing providers, most are trying to get out of the business. Can you imagine if the City outlawed divorce - that is how it is for evictions, they are not pleasant but necessary to solve a bad situation.

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