Build awareness about illegal dumping

Build awareness about illegal dumping

Build awareness about illegal dumping


I like the solution. They should use it in the Fruitvale area.

The owner of the property should be notified. If they are not on the premises (the property owner that is) and the tenant does not comply with the request and it is habitual, then the owner should have the right to evict the tenant.

This is a cheap way to inform the public that dumping has negative effects to the community. I think having a positive campaign with mailers, signs, etc could help people take more ownership. We also have to promote people picking up trash in front of their home and business. If everyone pitched in to do that, we could make a dent in the problem.

Educate ALL Oakland residents, housed and unhoused, on where and when and how to get rid of trash on their regular pickup days.

how about making the garbage company pay for this communication.

Start an education campaign preschool thru high school on the correct behaviors needed to keep Oakland clean and beautiful.

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