Illegal Dumping and Liter

Illegal Dumping and Liter

Illegal Dumping and Liter


Specifically, it sounds like we need a dedicated waste transfer station in Oakland that Oaklanders can access for free or at a nominal charge. The expense of this could be bundled with the existing garbage franchise.

it makes legal solutions for dumping more accessible.

I've been a resident in Oakland for 60 years. I live in a low income area with multiple tenants living in too small of a house. Example a duplex on my street: 1 bedroom unit and 2 bedroom unit plus 2 illegal units in basement and garage with a total of 21 people living at the complex generated an overflow of trash. In addition they generated 14 cars. Then city needs to start enforcing the 2 person per bedroom rule. That is would be a better solution.

Since 66% of residents are renters and owners of rental property have to pay the bill; anything in excess should be paid by the tenant. If their are no consequences, you are rewarding bad behavior. If tenants don't comply and keep the frontage clean that should be terms for terminating the lease and they should leave. I see it to often in my neighborhood where tenants throw garbage on their front lawn and street and burn it in the backyard. They don't care. No fines or penalties ever.

I don't like this idea because taxes in Oakland are already high enough.

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