illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles

illegal dumping  and abandoned vehicles

illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles


Quicker response from 311 to have vehicles removed from the street after 72 hour stay or abandoned. Issue permit fees per household. First one free after that $500 a year for the 2nd vehicles and $500 for the third vehicle; and should be capped at 3 vehicle. Only 2 issued for a single family residence and triplex-3 permits; fourplex -4 permits. Money generated will pay for enforcement.

To address illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles the city should issue a limited number of permits per household. Example: 2 permits for a single household. Triplex 3 permits, 4plex 4 and cap it. The city is always trying to go green and telling people to go green and take public transportation. In my neighborhood which is Fruitvale we have household that have multiple cars that remain parked on city streets not being used for months: not even operational. When you report them it take along time before any action is taken; the vehicles are just pushed from one side to the other. Illegal car repair shops also pop up in the neighborhood. People are making repairs on cars on the street and park broken down vehicles all over in my neighborhood. It took 59 + complaints from the neighbors and almost 2 years to have them stop. The property is still not cleaned up; motor oil over the street and side walk and the property has broken vehicles and car parts all harmful containment still on the property 2030 42nd Ave.

Fire stations need to report illegal dumping and graffiti around the front, sides, back of the fire station.

Create an Ambassadors program in East Oakland made up of neighborhood residents to walk the streets and assess the needs of the community, educate neighbors, identify and report chronic dumping spots, similar to the Ambassador programs in the business districts. All East Oakland neighborhoods should be accessed annually.

Educate residents on where to take or who to call to pick up vehicles they no longer want, no questions asked.

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