Transitional Campgrounds

Transitional Campgrounds

Transitional Campgrounds


The plan is more viable that plans that try to help on a person by person basis. This plan could be implemented more quickly, and impact more people. The plan would address basis needs - restrooms, showers, laundry, etc. for a large scale of people. The plan would make Oakland a beautiful City again for everyone - instead of a place where hopelessness, trash, dumping, feces, urine, etc. are everywhere.

The plan provides transitional housing/shelter and key resources that are otherwise too costly when spread around the city in smaller lots (sanctioned or unsanctioned). Scaling up and pooling resources can also lead to better care, reduced costs per unit/tent, and more transparency and accountability.

The City should help them and try to reconnect people to their families.

City & County should provide RV parks for people with RV and cars similar to the Hegenberger trailer park.

good idea. viable

It requires inspiration, dedication, follow-through on the part of City government, and community. It requires Initial costs. It requires ongoing costs. It requires unity of purpose and coordination - people working together. It requires immediate and sustained action from City government to make it happen.

It meets unhoused people where they are. This would provide much needed amenities for those experiencing homelessness in a centralized location. It also prevents the need for city workers to have to involuntarily clean up human waste because the unhoused don’t have access to restrooms.

Follow best practices of the international community in establishing Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps with weather-resistant tents or semi-permanent structures, food pantry and kitchen, water (drinking and for personal hygiene) and sanitation, security, and support services. There's plenty of documentation on how-tos. It requires political will to provide vacant land and sustained financing.

I like how it supports and improves what is already happening (tents, campgrounds) rather than providing 0 assistance and debating an impossible "perfect" solution that will never come

This is in line with what I proposed above in "Where to move homeless -- economically" There is to much focus on finding and renovating buildings, which costs a lot of time and money -- instead of just setting up well-managed campgrounds.

I actually said this to a friend and I think its a great idea. Folks are already camping

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