Homeless Solution

Homeless Solution

Homeless Solution


It's a place to be and it's better than living in the streets

Will they be able to find employment?

Identify companies who own the containers and their willingness to donate their assets. Also, Hinkley is the town from Erin Brockovich, famous for contaminated groundwater. It's 120 miles North East of LA, over 400 miles from Oakland.

It's common to think of "the homeless" as one big group of 'kind' of people and, therefore, to think of 'solutions' that are somewhat 'better' than the jam their in now. But the risk is to 'punish' people who ever get broke and stuck out there like that, by always sequestering them all together and in situations, places and ways that tend to just perpetuate them as being in a 2nd or 3rd 'class' of people, not restore people to full, autonomous lives.

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