Property Transfer Tax

Property Transfer Tax

Property Transfer Tax


As you mention, the cost of housing is high. If you are a senior you need every $ from the sale of your home to pay for your care. It punishes individuals that have worked their entire life who worked to provide and keep a roof over their head. The City of Oakland is shameful.

Housing prices have gone up so much that anyone who has owned their house for 10 years or more and sells it is making a windfall profit. That's free money the person did not earn. It's only right that a small amount of that money should be used to house the homeless. Of course exceptions could be made in individual cases.

There is already a transfer tax that is shared by the Buyer as well as the Seller. Sellers would compensate for the additional tax by raising the costs even higher

This only taxes sellers and potentially buyers if they switch homes in Oakland. While the people who are not selling there home would not contribute. If we're going to pass additional taxes, it should apply to all residents. Instead of raising affordable housing funds only from new construction, it should also be applied to all residents.

When you build low income housing I hope is not like the housing of yester-year. Please maintain the units and evict residents who create problems and dabble in illegal activities.

There already is a City tax on sales

Wrong!! This hurts seniors who depend on the sale of their property to care for themselves. Who will wipe your ass.

this could be improved by exempting seniors on fixed incomes, as is the case with some other local taxes

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