catch bad guys

catch bad guys

catch bad guys


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Yes! Great idea. Catch the bad guys. Take their cars.

If the reason for this policy is not to create hardship for low-income residents, then let's have a program to pay the DMV fees for anyone who can't afford it. Everyone else: Get Legal or Get Arrested. No more anonymous driving in Oakland!

I agree that homemade paper plates are making it easier for criminals to commit violent crimes without accountability. In my neighborhood, we've had an uptick in violent crime: armed robbery, shootings, and car jackings. Many times, there is video footage of the getaway vehicle, but if they don't have a license plate, it doesn't really help. OPD has said they aren't pulling over vehicles with paper plates, even if the cars obviously are not new. Criminals know this and crime is rampant!

Completely agree. The lack of traffic enforcement is one of the biggest enablers of violent criminals in this city — it's easy to speed away from the crime scene, blow through red lights, zoom onto the freeway and disappear. License-plate scanning cameras, red-light cams, and speed cams would also be a huge benefit for street safety while helping our understaffed police to track fleeing criminals.

This seems logical to me.

100% crime begets more crime. Enforce at all levels. It’s a law for a reason. Also other auto related crime like running red lights. They’re running red lights for a reason.

We should absolutely impound cars with stolen plates, expired tags, fake plates, or no plates. OPD/OakDOT should also tow cars with no plates, expired tags, etc.

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