Include the Experts on Homelessness

Include the Experts on Homelessness

Include the Experts on Homelessness


pay the people whom are living or have a significant experience the same as a person with a college degree and in executive capacity. with a hired team to assist. Homelessness is a school of hard knocks experienced courage and deep lessons , and it weighs on you . It should pay off. as it would if you were hiring talent from the usual pools of experts in this feild. Without insight- the city is doomed to hypocracy and wasted funds in fail programs . offer a hand up with competitive contract

because someone noticed a living and real culture of the recycler living in our streets and at indoor locations. What yall dont realize is the bias and beleif in stereotypes yall be propping . The People Experiencing an Unhoused condition are REAL people . Oaklanders , elders ,even soccor moms .Contributing to society? Do you contribute to society? Or the un housed? or the trash problem? I like the response because its close to an answer.

This is a wonderful idea! Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will coordinate an event that seeks to directly hear from and engage the unhoused population.

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