More Police

More Police

More Police


Repeated analysis has consistently failed to find any connection between the number of police officers and crime rates. Second, the primary strategies adopted by modern police have been shown to have little or no effect on crime. David Bayley, Police for the Future ((New York: Oxford University Press, 1994), 3. and John Jay College Research Advisory Group on Preventing and Reducing Community Violence (2020). Reducing Violence Without Police: A Review of Research Evidence. New York, NY: Research and Evaluation Center, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.)

Police would not be an ideal solution to any of the aforementioned issues. More police would not help anyone.

Oakland needs more Public Works employees to proactively address illegal dumping through education of the community, doing regular maintenance of storm drains, sewers, maintaining Arroyo creek, cleaning around fire hydrants, etc.

Public Works and Department of Transportation can address abandoned vehicles and illegal dumping and needs to be returned to pre 2008 staffing levels. These do not have to be sworned police.

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