Employ the homeless to clean the streets.

Employ the homeless to clean the streets.

Employ the homeless to clean the streets.


This solution has been tried successfully in other places so the learning curve doesn't have to be steep. We can learn from others and implement quickly.

This is an incredible organization that not only cleans encampments but connects the unhoused with essential services.

Many homeless people have hidden or not-so-hidden disabilities which make long hours of manual labor difficult. There should be other options beside street cleaning identified to appeal to a broader group of people.

It's not a "perfect" solution since it won't "solve" homelessness or anything but it sounds like a good step towards something better!

Many homeless folks want employment but can't maintain employment. Our city is awash in trash. It brings down quality of life for everyone. Giving homeless folx a chance to contribute to society while also cleaning our streets is a win-win. And, YES to more trash and recycling receptacles!

It’s practical and doable.

I support this ideas and a reward for those who report and photo document illegal dumping.

It would give homeless people an opportunity to earn needed cash, and it would also be an easy way to get some areas cleaned up (with this persons logo bag idea).

Not a good solution - then people would break into yard to grab cans and bottle

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