Waste Management Weekly Bulk Pickup for residential customer

Waste Management Weekly Bulk Pickup for residential customer

Waste Management Weekly Bulk Pickup for residential customer


Jennie, you make a good point, we should not have a size limit for this solution if we pay for trash service.

I a weekly bulky pickup would be difficult to execute effectively. You could have more bulky item drop off spots, but a component of pickup would lead to lots of large trash items on the streets (similar to how it is now). I believe increasing awareness of free bulky item monthly pickups and posting the bulky item pickup program in the hotspot areas for illegal dumping would be more effective.

Anders, yes increasing awareness of the free bulky pickups is needed. It is currently: one-time drop-off at the Davis Street, a one-time curbside pickup and a second curbside bulky pickup only after using the drop off option (if possible), it is not monthly. It needs to be advertised on billboards throughout Oakland, on tv/radio Public Service Announcements, on social media, mass mailing to every Oakland address. Posting information in hotspot areas should also be done. Since this solution has worked in other cities that WM services, WM needs to come to the table with more solutions that are working. I want to hear how it is working in Beaumont, Texas. WM is not doing enough to help Oakland tackle illegal dumping and litter other than charge expensive amounts for dumping and service.

we already pay for trash service, why have a size limit?

Totally agree. On every street, I see people putting stuff out like in front of their house, hoping someone else will take it. But, all it does is create a lot of trash on the streets. We already pay for trash pickup. They should be able to pickup all the trash every time.

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