Distribute Dumpsters in Problem Areas

Distribute Dumpsters in Problem Areas

Distribute Dumpsters in Problem Areas


This will work because it makes legal dumping easier and more accessible.

One of the challenges in East Oakland is that trash spills over from the existing garbage cans even when they are available. Either trash doesn't get picked up on time, or it gets overflowed due to people bringing trash to public garbage cans because they have nowhere else to dispose of them. Regularly monitoring the areas and picking up trash on a consistent basis (with the help of the local residents/public and catchy campaigns to help report problem areas) would go a long way.

It doesn't even need to be dumpsters, just better trash cans. I have seen trashcans downtown that are locked and fully enclosed. At the bare minimum replacing all city trashcans with those would be a good start.

I came here to make this suggestion as well! Yes, the dumpsters will cost the city money, but if there are reliable places for people to go and dump their items for free, then they won’t need to do it illegally. I think the trick will be to have these dumping locations in several places, and have them publicized.

People are going to dump so at least this makes it easier to manage. Think of the dumpsters as portable pop-up collection sites - making it easier for people to discard. These should be in any hotspot that’s cleaned up. Clean up then drop one or two of these on the street. At least until it can die down.

Agree. Look, people are going to dump. At least this makes it easier to manage. The dumpsters are essentially “mobile collection sites”. All hotspot areas for dumping should have dumpsters dropped there until it can die down.

Definitely reduces the excuse factor when it comes to throwing things away. Yet does not address recycling and composting. But it is better than no place to put miscellany trash.

Practically I think this is one of the best short term options posted on the OCC. Longterm, the issue with this option would be reliance on these dumpsters. Primarily because people will possibly misuse the dumpsters and choose to dispose of materials in these free to dump dumpsters when they should be using other services. Companies disposing of their construction materials.

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