Tiny House Empowerment Village 2.0

Tiny House Empowerment Village 2.0

Very interesting project serving a noble community!!



what i like about this solution is that they are doing anything that'll help the situation improve.. etc

Its needed throughout the city. I love this idea

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It's tested and proven, they already have one successful project. It engages the youth and community together in building the project and creating community art as part of it.

It not only provides housing for youth, but it also provides additional personal and professional resources. I have personally visited the tiny house village in Oakland and it is a beautiful and safe space.

brandon tien

Super cool!

It’s an incredible collaboration with a local organization doing great work and seems like it will have an important impact.

It’s beautiful and futuristic.

Who is supervising the 24 youth? What is the age of the youth? Are they in need of supportive services on site. Perhaps the concept might start with families with school age children so their is some family structure built in. After school activities could also be included with perhaps neighbors as volunteers also uin tutoring mentoring field trips etc to build relationships and community. But just 24 kids by themselves plunked down in a neighborhood would be potential recipie for some trouble y

I like this solution but maybe it could be laid out a bit differently, not so square but with a little more winding "streets" so everyone isn't looking in everyone's window. Looks too military.

The existing Tiny Home Empowerment Village is exemplary. What a great plan to model different approaches to tiny home villages, with collaboration of numerous community groups. Gain experience, share information, provide housing that will lead to more housing!

Great layout and statistical data. Youth and adults can benefit from this plan. I really hope the city takes this challenge seriously. Some of the suggestions I have seen here were brought up years ago and the citys response was "no funding." Now the unhoused population has grown. Keep up the great work!

it tackles a really pressing problem in a unique way.

Its highly innovative and could really make a difference

I think it looks nice

Love the design of this and how it would allow residents to have access to basic needs and community all in one place!

Great layout and statistical data. Youth and adults can benefit from this plan. I really hope the city takes this challenge seriously. Some of the suggestions I have seen here were brought up years ago and the citys response was "no funding." Now the unhoused population has grown

I have some trepidations about the name...Shac seems to have some negative connotations

It directly provides housing for young people who most need it, using vacant spaces at minimal cost, without developers and their profits. It also empowers vulnerable youth to act as agents, builders and creators in their own lives.

Looks like a comfortable place to live with both public and more private spaces. Also is scaleable, so can prototype how to address the thousands in need of thoughtfully planned and respectful housing.

It is giving fifty vulnerable young people an opportunity to be housed in a caring and empowering community.

It gives real respect to the recipients.

Addresses a real need with a minimalist approach that still provides what individuals need and want.

A super creative solution to an on-going relevant problem in the Bay Area!

Very interesting project serving a noble community!!

Appreciate how modular housing incorporated. This will be essential in future construction phases!

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Fantastic and creative solution serving an underserved portion of the population and a solution that could be replicated and expanded to serve so many others. Empowering and provides hope to those it serves as it sets them up for the future.

It’s a great solution for helping out the housing crisis in the Bay Area

this a very good thing

the layout can be diffrent

It will create a better community :)

I like it so much. We need muscle and a strong team for the tiny house village.

I think this is a great next step from previous THEV and solving a humane problem mindfully. :) This is a community project for the community.

Will the housing be single level or multiple levels? I think multilevel would be beneficial so that it can house more people. Additionally, are there any plans to open small businesses/markets to economically empower the residents?

i think its good like this.

it's good no need to add more are improve

I like this solution because it is an actionable step to getting more homeless youth housed, and a similar model has been proven to be effective in the existing tiny house village.

Seems like a very effective way to house vulnerable people and foster community.

We need creative housing solutions!

it's an awesome net zero, affordable, regenerative housing and community space!

The international community have been working on similar, intended to serve all the forced refugees (and otherwise and beyond). The designs are superior and very well developed. Why re-invent a recently crafted wheel? One risk is to over-invest in minimal, transitional measures, rather than more ample, permanect ones.

I like this solution because it is a start. Ideally it could be replicated to serve a greater portion of the homeless population than just 50 youth.

It solves a real problem in the Bay Area through sustainable housing.

I love the focus on social justice!

It's a great way to make people feel safe and seen. I like the idea of using shipping containers and stacking them. Building up gains so much space and allows more people to be housed. Single story isn't going to get us enough housing units. Thanks

we need youth shelters!

Adapt the approach to different sites to test the concept on a variety of conditions.

I like this solution, we need more housing!

It is creative, uses vacant space to a good purpose, and serves those who have been abandoned by the wider society. I couldn't support it more.

it serves the neglected youth population and is being administered by a very capable organization

Also building bridges to more conventional cooperative housing such as cohousing.

it cool ig

It's a great way to offer both community and privacy

Creative yet practical. The partnership between YSA and Sustainable Housing is a perfect match

The YSA THEV truly empowers young artists and leaders to create the place where they can live safely and grow, with support and volunteers from many community organizations and congregations.

This proposal says it only serves 50 people. I'm not knocking it - that is a start, and we've got to start somewhere. But what about the other 7,950 homeless people?

I like this solution because there will be more homes for the homeless

very interesting and has an important impact.

The greenery is lovely and i really like the use of solar pannels on the roofs of the house

not much

Could add more area depending on how much is homelessness being affected. Other than that nothing I guess.

It supports homelessness and gives people in need a shelter.

i like this solution because it feels like it will empower everyone in the village, along with adding more community value and group moral boosts.

karla is an opp

does not look space efficient if they want to impact as may people as possible they should redesign.

more house=less houseless

This solution could be improved by adding more art or community spots to create a community and a a social space.

spacy and has a good amount of homes

The house could be bigger and it could be more modern.

Tiny house project is one of great project that has real positive impact to especially vulnerable individuals in our community.

make more tiny home for the hoeles

it makes it so more homeless youth can be able to be housed. At some point, if we can have more, we can be able to have many more.

bro this aint roblox

this could be improved by making the designs for the village a bit more organic, a circular or elipse design may encourage community & aid cohesion

It resolves a problem in the Bay Area.

This project creates not just housing but homes - a real sense of community surrounded by empowering art.

i like how everything is nice and well

YSA did a great job on the first Tiny House Empowerment Village, building community, and a second village would be a great use of vacant lots to help provide more housing for folks.

it has detal and it has a graden

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just dont be homeless

making the area bigger .

I like how the tiny home village design looks like a community. What I mean by that is that the village doesn't look gloomy it looks like a place where you'd enjoy being at.

I like this solution because it is a start. Ideally it could be replicated to serve a greater portion of the homeless population than just 50 youth.

That they are using stuff to add more houses on top of the other houses. So that there is multiple units.

It is small but scalable and costs less than multistory buildings. It can be put into practice relatively quickly and make use of empty lots that are not contributing to neighborhoods.

make more

We should force Oscar Flores to fund the village as well as live there :))))

becky barnes is an opp too

I really like this idea because it's helping the youth that are experiencing homeless at a young age.

It's helping youth from becoming homeless it gives them purpose in life and ways that they can make money and secure a future where otherwise they would not have that opportunity

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i like that its affordable

i like the space and the design

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Something that I like about this solution as opposed to a shelter, for example, is that it is stable housing with resources and connections which creates a more promising future after leaving the tine house village. Having longer term solutions will help build the residents up and have a solid foundation.

To address Chris McKay's concern: Chris McKay - The latest design has been updated in the picture, and it is much more dynamic and asymmetrical. The reason for the layout is that this site plan is composed of 4 quadrants of exactly the standard city lot size, so the 3 residential quadrants are really meant to be models for future development on the many vacant lots in the Bay Area.

I think this and useful for people who can't find a spot for their tiny home.

I like this solution because it's home for the youth and the lay out of the design looks nice to be provided for the youth

I think this is a better idea because more people could live in the village.

I love the art! Affordable housing can be vibrant and energizing

UHM if it actually stays clean thats good but other then that idk

I like this because it looks more organized and hoping it stays like that and doesn't get dirty.

I like this solution because a second tiny home village would help with the amount of homeless there is out in our the streets. It would also help so more homeless can actually have roofs to stay under.

I like the idea of stackable units because it leaves more space and can house more youth.

maybe they can add a homeless store where they can buy stuff that they need for cheap

I like that they are providing the homeless youth with healthcare services.

The idea of space efficiency seems crucial to solving homelessness. The involvement of volunteers seems to work great as well.

it looks nice and has more spacing. It helps homeless people more.

How to improve this solution is by making the tiny house a little more advice for the youth

making tiny house bigger

I think It's good like this

I like this solution 'cause it grants a lot more people a second chance :)

It is inspired by and built by the youth who want to live there

This is a good starting solution to help the homeless population to go down

I like this solution because it is a start. Ideally it could be replicated to serve a greater portion.

it's very space-efficient for an space as overcrowded as the Bay Area

I like how we they want to create a new homeless youth village . Helping out the community .

i like that the units are stackable to save space

it's good because it solves a bit of the space issues

Providing information on the economics. Do residents pay anything, what are their obligations for upkeep? Restrictions on entry, animals, substances?. No babies, no one older than 25? Security inspections for sanitation, fire safety? What is outlay per resident?

W layout im not gonna lie .

this solution mostly about tiny house were people are struggling

I like that there is free space and the area seems nice

I think its good right now

I like this solution because it impacts people life in a good way by giving them homes and very slowly decreases homelessness.

I like this solution because it really feels like the community is helping each other and the city is growing as a whole

I think that it’s important that the homeless have long term solutions. To stay in a shelter for a night is only a temporary stopgap. This project will allow the homeless a chance to find employment; it will put more people, who have fallen on hard times, on the path to a better life.

good for the community

I like this solution for the community aspect, I think that is super important to have a model of not just building new structures but also how to build communities that help residents get on their feet and thrive.

It uses empty lots to make housing.

It helps the homeless have a home for themselves and its good for the community.

I like this solution because it would provide 24 more homes for homeless youth in Oakland

It is a very good idea in housing homeless youth while also giving them the necessary resources.

I like this solution because it helps the youth to have opportunity to have a home again, but i think it will be better if they have the chance to paint the tiny homes.

I like tiny house

I like this solution because it helps people that are in need.It teaches kids about a topic that is important.There are people that didn't choose that life but are there because of something else and they need help.

I like this solution because it has solar and looks like a nice place to live

Great organization aiming to help one of the most vulnerable populations - young adults

Beautiful community that helps solve a very pressing problem in the bay area

Its innovative and a model project that can be replicated.

I like the ideals and levels of experience being brought by skillful people. Am echoing concerns registered by others about supervision. It sounds like a halfway house model with needs for round the clock staff. Who are savvy n cool n not prison guards not cops, yet firmly command and inspire respect. Empowerment does not mean doing drugs or perpetuating a welfare state.

Seems well connected, well-supported. Curioys about the self governance/ community standards factors. Id’ like to see urban farming as part of such a program. And/or enterprises which augment income from grants and/or city funding.

To address Erin McCall's concern: I believe the proposal states that this village is to be used as a model for the City of Oakland to model when potentially turning vacant lots into housing. For context, Oakland has 4000 vacant lots. Even if Oakland could only put 8 modular homes on one-fourth of the cities vacant lots, it would be sufficient to house Oaklands currently unhoused population.

This looks expensive for assisting 24 individuals. Is there a way to do a great good like this while impacting more people experiencing homelessness?

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