Tax Break for Empty Nesters Who Rent Extra Rooms to Students

Tax Break for Empty Nesters Who Rent Extra Rooms to Students

Tax Break for Empty Nesters Who Rent Extra Rooms to Students


All too true, lot's of empty bedrooms in Oakland. You have to ask yourself, "Is it rational to leave these bedrooms empty" and in Oakland th eunfortunate response is a resounding YES! this is due to the misguided policies of the City council that make it unwise for homeowners to open themselves up to massive headaches if the tenant turns out to be a problem. Such a waste! We need better housing policies

This is great! In the case of a homeowner making a room available to a student - rent control rules don't apply. Unlike the golden duplex rule or if there's a separate apartment in the home, agreements made for a vacant room within a contiguous home can be terminated at any time. This plan is a great way to relieve some pressures from the rental market! It's empowering! We can all do something to help!

This would help out so many seniors. Not only would a tax break relieve the burden on their fixed incomes, but the college students could help around the house, doing those young people things. I like what the guy said about if the student doesn't work out that it's easy to sever the relationship. But I bet this will almost always be a win win. And the more young people we can keep from competing for lower priced housing stock the better. Save the cheep houses for families that really need them.

N.K. It sounds as though you are referring to Oakland's "Lodger Law". OPD will not enforce that law (don't take my word for it. Ask them yourself). If nothing else, at least enforce the EXISTING Lodger Law and more home owners would open their homes. Safequard homeowners and there will be many more housing options on the market

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