Urban Compassion Project Cleans Up Illegal Dumping

Urban Compassion Project Cleans Up Illegal Dumping

Urban Compassion Project Cleans Up Illegal Dumping




it’s symbiotic and also UCP provides a way for concerned citizens to be directly involved with solutions in the face of problems that seem to have none.

The folk work directly with the unhoused to better their situation. It's community-based

I believe this will work, because i have seen it first hand. Vincent started this work while he was still unhoused, and with little rescources, has grown this initiative by leaps and bounds. I recently attended a conference where they shared their data stat of removing over 70 tons from parks, streets and waterways in Oakland in one year alone. Thats 3 times more than OPW. We as a community need individuals like vincent and his volunteers who work tirelessly to keep our streets safe and clean!!

This is a grassroots effort in which people actually do the work. It improves the lives of everyone in Oakland, especially those Oaklanders who live close to areas where illegal dumping happens.

Direct impact

Broader awareness and publicity to the greater community of the UPC and the amazing work they are involved with.

To expand to clean up more areas and educate everyone about all aspects of this issue

UCP has cleaned up way more trash than any other Oakland organization over the past year. They appoint ambassadors at each unhoused community to ensure the illegal dumping doesn't happen going forward which is a proven solution to something that plagues the unhoused and housed citizens of Oakland alike

Yes, this will help with stopping illegal dumping

Homelessness is a many pronged issue. Overflowing trash affects all residents in Oakland. UCP is doing something about it. I support them 100%

It gives unhoused people a sense of usefulness and community, and brilliantly helps clean up Oakland. Also, I think it may help to change certain small minds about the nature of homelessness and the characterization of the unhoused people who are our neighbors.

I love that citizens and those who need housing work together to create a sense of community and make the areas where people without housing are living better.

It builds an ongoing solution with community members who are most affected by illegal dumping. It shows them that the rest of the community recognizes the issue, cares about their input related to a solution, and is willing to pull up its sleeves to do the hard work.

I have been volunteering with this organization for almost two years and I can speak to its impact. Vincent and the team are incredible.

This is an excellent way to address trust between the house and the unhoused and bring pride back into the neighborhood so that less dumping Will occur. It brings pride back into the neighborhood

Volunteers working together on a consistent schedule to help the community. UCP is passionate about keeping our community clean and proud.

I’ve worked with this group and they get it done. Please fund UCP

This model is proven by successful track record. UCP events are powerful and impactful for everyone involved.

I like this idea because it gets the community involved as a whole to help find solutions that work for everyone. It seems like an amazing collborative effort.

a stable source of funding to buy supplies for clean ups and hygiene materials

It is a proven strategy to reduce illegal dumping. It has worked and it was developed collaboratively with people who are unhoused and faced with the problem. This solution has true community support behind it and that makes it most likely to succeed.

Peer pressure with volunteers out cleaning up. alongside the unhoused, will help keep our city clean, raising awareness that the unhoused are NOT the source of all that piles up near tent communities. There needs to be programs and education around illegal dumping, as there is a trend in avoiding high dump fees!

Proven solution—UCP came to my neighborhood and did a clean up and I’ve noticed that illegal dumpers think twice now, and our community has stayed clean since UCP first came!

After being frustrated for years by the worsening trash and homeless situation in Oakland, I read an article about Vincent and his group and I thought, well, here is somebody actually doing something about this rather than just being upset. This prompted me to volunteer and I have seen firsthand the amount of work this group does and the consideration and relentless advocacy they bring to our fellow humans living unhoused. This is difficult work physically and emotionally and it's work our municipalities should be doing, but aren't. Or aren't nearly enough. It's Sisyphean, to say the least, and to witness the determination and good cheer that UCP brings to this task, as well as how clearly effective it is (an afternoon of volunteers picking up trash yields a truly impressive difference). I know there must be many groups out there deserving of funding, but I don't personally know of a better one than this.

Great idea and great work this organization does

It helps the unhoused help themselves and the general community

It's combatting illegal dumping when no one else is!

I have been volunteering with this organization for almost two years and I can speak to its impact. Vincent and the team are incredible.

It makes a big difference!! I’ve started participating in UCP cleanups, which I plan to do at least once a month—and I can say that a couple of hours of work by dedicated volunteers—with Vincent Williams and team—can absolutely transform a trash-filled, blighted area into one free of refuse and various environmental hazards (eg, used ayringes & needles). UCP has specific, practical plans for how additional funds would be used and they deserve support to expand their work.

It addresses a huge issue with volunteers who want to act. They need more funds.

This is a fabulous organization that is helping all Oaklanders, unhoused and housed. With more funding it could do even more. If definitely volunteer with them if I could.

I read an article about Vincent Williams and asked him if I could collect boots for his new group of volunteers to wear during cleanups, as I had taken part in a cleanup when President Obama was inaugurated and saw that the area around that marsh was filled with broken glass, etc. This was when Vincent was first getting started. He came to my house personally to pick up donations always making sure that everything was like new because people needed to feel they were being given only the best. I am 76 years old and not able to do the clean ups but have been supporting UCP with monetary donations because he and his friends never give up. Vincent has never stopped working and making friends with others who want to help by doing, not just talking about what needs to be done. I like that, and feel that it is because of this spirit of compassion for the unhoused and cleaning up every weekend, compassioin for the rest of the more fortunate communities by making Oakland a more beautiful place we can all be proud of.

I’ve volunteered with them and their impact is incredible (with barely any funding now). Think of what they could do with more money!

UPC’s collaborative approach helps build trust and relationships that can lead to the offer of additional services. It also gives the residents of the encampments deciding power so that resentment is not built up and they feel like part of the solution and that they can continue the work necessary to keep Oakland streets clean.

They involve the unhoused who are most affected by illegal dumping, giving them a stake in keeping the areas clean, and once cleaned up people are less likely to dump garbage. They have a strong core of volunteers and an energetic, inspirational leader in Vincent Williams.

Oakland is desperate for the services of UPC. They target the greatest needs areas in the city.

I've been to these clean ups and the level of collaboration, productivity and connection is extraordinary.

it is community based, involving the people it serves

This organization is an inspiration and shows the power of community. This organization has a proven track record of cleaning Oakland’s streets. The city of Oakland should be learning from this organization on how to reduce dumping and trash in the City by building trust with the unhoused and creating a network of volunteers. They are efficient and effective.

UCP work creates positive change. I’ve started participating in UCP cleanups with Vincent Williams and his team and plan to continue on a monthly basis. The work absolutely transforms blighted areas

I’ve seen my community change for the better because UCP has created a sense of accountability for unhoused and housed alike to prevent and cleanup illegal dumping. Please fund UCP so the organization can expand into as many Oakland communities as possible!!

We are all impacted by this issue and are all part of the solution!

Trash in Oakland is a huge problem. Empowering our communities to be a part of the solution will have lasting effects. Thank you!

it connects people and puts real faces on those living without shelter and those concerned neighbors who want to support them.

It helps build trust and community within Oakland. The UPC thinks of the unhoused as their primary focus and client that they serve. It helps give them the dignity of a cleaner place and Vincent does a lot to help connect the unhoused to services.

I volunteer with this organization once a month. The work the do is very impressive and the amount of trash they remove is astonishing. As an Oaklander I am so proud that fellow Oaklanders work together to make Oakland a better place and to serve our unhoused neighbors. The amount of work this fairly small group of people have been able to accomplish in such a small period of time is amazing. Sustaining an operation like this is hard work, they really need more funds and support.

it’s symbiotic and also UCP provides a way for concerned citizens to be directly involved with solutions in the face of problems that seem to have none.

I have volunteered with UCP and seen firsthand how the organization takes a community-first approach. The head of the UCP himself was unhoused and understands innately the needs of this population and how to create sustainable change. They have cleaned up more trash than Oakland city itself and with funding can make an even larger impact that will help not only the unhoused population but all residents of Oakland the surrounding areas.

UCP's approach to tackling illegal dumping is by mobilizing local communities in a sustainable and scalable manner. With more funding, UCP can easily amplify its impact tenfold in bringing in more volunteers, expanding cleanup projects and allowing more orgs/local entities to get involved

The UCP will work because it helps give the unhoused community resources for help they request and a nicer environment to live in.

funds provided will not only help with the cost of cleaning supplies needed to upkeep the unhoused community but also help the urban compassion project expand services that ucp may want to provide but don’t currently have the funds to do so. UCP not only brings awareness to the needs of the unhoused but they also are providing solutions and care to help those in need!

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