The Honey Bear method

The Honey Bear method

The Honey Bear method


I like this solution as it addresses the root of the problem and focuses on halting the problem from growing even larger than it is already. Providing free housing, temporary camps, financial assistance, and tolerance only perpetuates the problem and helps it grow worse and larger. A friend from Texas said they don't have a homeless problem because they don't feed them. If we are going to live in a city without homelessness we have to address the issues that cause it first.

The jobs of the future (whatever they may be) need to be identified first and then our public education system needs to prepare students for those jobs. If rebuilding the nations roads and bridges is a big focus of the future or building affordable housing then the schools need to train for those jobs. Students also need to learn how to be self sufficient and how to prepare for entering society once they have left the school system. Why home economics classes were discontinued is a mystery.

You've certainly got a real point. Yes, young adults these days do seem to know how to do less and less practical things. However, that does not seem to be the main source of additional homeless people, either. And that's where this particular idea goes off the rails, perhaps. One of the fastest growing segments in homeless are... seniors, in fact, due to the widening gap between, say, "Social Security" benefits (as a minimal 'safety net' and ever-rising actual 'cost of living' .

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