fix streets and employ people to beautify the city

fix streets and employ people to beautify the city

fix streets and employ people to beautify the city


we need all the help we can get, especially in the flat lands.


hiring more people to canvas the neighborhood each day and pick up trash, and to maintain and beautify neighborhoods by landscaping and doing all of the above.

Let us know how this would be funded

Expand street cleaning trucks to the lower income areas to clean the streets. From there we can put no litter signs to deter illegal dumping and trash being thrown all over the place from passing cars .

Agree whole heartedly, if you look good you feel good. Greener, better maintained spaces boost health, morale and neighborhood pride. It may not directly effect lowering crime, but I think it has a bigger effect than folks realize.

Make it easier for guerrilla infrastructure artists. Like the groups that just go fill pot holes, rather than fight these efforts, figure out how the city can support them and use the work more effectively. Like making it public what materials, protocols or guidelines they should follow. Support more beautification efforts...and PLEASE, more parks and recreational space in low income neighborhoods and dense areas too!

Cleaning up a space increase's one's pride in that place and generates good will.

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