Eliminate loopholes for developers

Eliminate loopholes for developers

Eliminate loopholes for developers


If you look at the arc of increase homelessness in the bay area over the last thirty years, one factor is the amount of loopholes and lessening of rent control over the years. Ending the loopholes(caused by developer greed) will impact this positively. J. Zaro

Allowing out-of-town developers to build in Oakland has not benefitted our city. It's benefitted SF & SJ tech companies that needed a place for their out-of-town hires to live, but it did absolutely nothing to solve the homeless crisis here in Oakland. If anything, all of this unbridled growth has exacerbated the problem. There is a direct correlation to homelessness in the Bay Area and the tech boom that saw thousands of pilgrims migrate to the Bay Area to take these high paying jobs.

I can't believe that they can get away with that. Ridiculous. They should be ashamed, we should be ashamed for letting it happen. Make builders build homes for everyone.

Developers should be required to make a certain percentage of their developments (that are residential) are deeply-affordable and offered below market rate. - Additionally, they should be required to embed an approved community benefit agreement (CBA) to ensure that their plans are equitable to current and legacy residents.

Require 35% BMR housing units period!!! No loopholes, no build it elsewhere, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Taxing all landowners instead of just taxing the people building more housing. Nobody would propose this as a solution to high gas prices, or high food prices. It doesn't make sense for housing either.

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