Increase Awareness for Bulky Pickup & Dropoff

Increase Awareness for Bulky Pickup & Dropoff

Increase Awareness for Bulky Pickup & Dropoff


It seems to me that there has been A LOT of communication about bulky item pick up and drop off. Both the one you get from WM and Oakland’s own Bulky Item drop off programs. But people may not remember, get confused, or find it too difficult to do. How about we just make bulky item pick up more regular, like the first week of the month, quarter, etc?

It is no longer the landlord responsibility to tell tenants about the WM bulky pickup program, the tenant can now call WM for a bulky pickup and the landlord does not get involved. This is what needs to be better communicated to tenants.

The first step is getting people to actually care, but the methods to increase awareness. This can be done by adding news coverage once a month or the week leading up to bulky drop off days (which are a thing), utilizing district leaders and city council meetings to talk about spreading the word and then since farmers markets are all over the city Fri-Sun- there could be a able to share more information.

For Oaklanders who do not have a means of transportation, it could be difficult for them to make it to drop off so the city should make pick-up more accessible (if not on a monthly basis, at least quarterly).

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