Get to the Root Causes

Get to the Root Causes

Get to the Root Causes


Agree. Systemic change is needed. The question is how do do this and I think a big part of it is voting in local elections. We need people in power who will do these things.

Well said, but I think OCC is looking for concrete ideas to activate. What are some examples of how we could address Oakland's income inequality?

Absolutely agree. Not only will this approach reduce violent crime, it will eliminate the violence of poverty, lack of educational opportunity, deprivation of nature, etc. It's a win-win. Harmed people harm, people who are cared for don't. Simple and powerful.

Agree, bring back trade programs in Middle and High School!!! Free summer programs. Put OFASS back on East Oakland and multiply # of sites x 10!

Also use City surplus to fund programs.

Looks like you forgot all the concrete ideas for how to implement. I am against this because it puts the responsibility for addressing crime on all us non-criminals (our tax dollars). We are not afraid to sue the city. AGAINST.

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