Create Spaces for Peace, Non-violence, Safety, and Respect

Create Spaces for Peace, Non-violence, Safety, and Respect

Create Spaces for Peace, Non-violence, Safety, and Respect


Great idea

I love the Oakland Buddha story. We need more creative solutions to improve the quality of life in Oakland.

All for unifying around peaceful moments! Oakland is known for murals and can embrace peace in our community through such organized efforts. Best of all, it doesn't have to cost money - it can be community-led on private or community property!

I am for creating cultural/religious shrines in key areas around Oakland. If our environment appears to have value, we treat it with more respect.

This is a very creative, inclusive, and doable solution.

very doable and becomes a fun point of interest for our city.

Since the pandemic crime has spread throughout Oakland. This proposed effort would bring communities together in a creative way.

Art, entertainment and cultural spaces can be catalysts for change in the community. Oakland needs more safe spaces to have fun, socialize and share joy in shared respectful and peaceful ways.

Beautiful spaces that would require minimal maintenance are always needed and appreciated.

Doesn't seem cohesive enough.

All of these ideas (shrines, art installations, meditation spaces, and visual displays to promote peace, harmony, safety, and a communal sense of unity. ) will add to our sense of personal value, increase the notion of shared community spaces and encourage art and comradery rather than isolation and anger.

This is an organic community response that is already happening so why not figure out how to support it?

Could we ask Oakland to provide a public spot in each neighborhood for something similar to this? Could each neighborhood have a peace corner or community hub?

Its’ like little free libraries, except bigger. And way more public. How to protect it from vandalism is probably less a concern than permission to build/ rebuild without getting fined for “ illegal dumping”!

I would love to see the Pergola at Lake Merritt returned to a place of peace and reflection. In the past we have witnessed proposals, meditations, poetry readings and memorials in that spot. I think it might be a perfect location for this kind of a shrine to peace, non violence, safety, and respect.

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