Use Non-Human Tech and Non-tech Solutions to Reduce Crime

Use Non-Human Tech and Non-tech Solutions to Reduce Crime

Use Non-Human Tech and Non-tech Solutions to Reduce Crime


Lake Merritt would be an ideal test site.

I support using Lake Merritt as the first test area for mulltiple tech and non-tech solutions to help address crime. This is a high density neighborhood so even small improvements could create benefits for many people in our community.

Technology for the sake of improving live. True serendipity. Love it!

Hi and low tech for the win! ShotSpotter and speedbumps would help our city improve safety. Even one or two solutions like this could make a big impact.

As a high tech area Oakland is in a position to use these new tools to create a safer environment for residents and businesses.

I like this idea a lot

I absolutely support this idea. In addition to offering deterrents and calmer solutions to unwanted behavior, the idea of starting at Lake Merrit which is the jewel of the city is very practical. The safer and more pleasant it is for people to congregate and interact in one area the more desire will spread to have the same comfort and security elsewhere in the city.

This is a very smart use of technology for effective crime prevention.

Solution pilot should not be at Lake Merritt, too much money is already being spend at the Lake for parking meters.

I appreciate your focus on tech for objectivity. Still gotta sort out bias even in how priorities are chosen, but yeah, “ there’s probably an app for that!”

Start with speed bumps not only around the lake but on Streets feeding directly into Bellevue and Lakeshore

Cost benefit analyses, anyone?! Speed bumps per 200’ ft(?)compared to security cameras tough enough for our mean streets? And personnel with time and training to sift thru miles of footage ?

This is a brilliant, rational and well imagined way to address and reduce crime in our neighborhoods.

brilliant ideas from our community's highly respected safety champion. I particularly like that it removed human bias when there is hard evidence. The cost of implementing this is most likely 1/4 the cost of police patrol, response & processing time. I would say it's a no-brainer except that it is the smartest, brainiest idea I've heard about thwarting crime at the lake!

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