The Oakland Media Challenge: Cover Issues, Promote Solutions

The Oakland Media Challenge: Cover Issues, Promote Solutions

The Oakland Media Challenge: Cover Issues, Promote Solutions



This is a great solution. Media has the potential to help empower people and give them tools to positively transform their communities.

We live in a world where the "bad" news draws the attention... but we never hear about what happens "after." Sometimes, positive things come of horrible tragedies - and I agree that this can happen more often if our media and community were to embrace the idea that we have the power as citizens to overcome hardships. Let's celebrate successes, instead of just focusing on the negative.

Today’s media has become more entertainment than news providers. Sadly the truism “If it bleeds it leads” is virtually all that is in the media.

I like this solution. The media have been totally irresponsible

Media engagement, from all platforms, working in partnership and collaboration with community stakeholders will be essential for any solution to these issues

This common sense approach to the problems needing to be addressed is sensible and sensible enough that I'm unhappily aware that out media focus is primarily on anger and violence rather than compassion and community. The media outlets could have a profound impact on the life of people in Oakland which should spread to other cities in the Bay Area. These problems are definitely complex but focusing on the positive works in the workplace, in family homes. Why not try it?

Love this - the "if it bleeds it's leads" approach to reporting the news gives us a very slanted view. I'd love to see media that covers issues and promotes solutions

yes, great idea. I get so tired of negative news 24/7. I love careful, well researched, non biased reporting but that doesn't always captivate people to sustain viewership in print, radio or TV/streaming. My friends call CNN "Constant Negative News" :) even though they do have well researched reporting (and I tend to agree w/ their bias). I believe Oaklandside is trying to balance this in their editorial but think you should forward this to them, too- build awareness!

Thank You, Community Safety Nerd! This sounds like such a great bang for the buck. Supporting the REALITIES of how much we CAN do, especially as we shift our mindsets away from news defaults “if it bleeds, it leads…” Can somebody please make cute baby animal videos about DIY/ community safety actions we can start NOW? Does CORE still exist? Fire suppression exercise was THE funnest part of the whole six wks back in 2012!

KALW radio san francisco broadcasts some exemplary local practical inspirations. Local podcasts? Next Door could be a platform even more direct. <<<<<

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