Trash dumping

Trash dumping

Trash dumping


The public cameras might work, if that's not financially feasible maybe large dumpsters in some residential areas like Pontiac Street would help. It's small now but because of the homeless man and his 9 abandoned cars who lives in an RV it is getting worse. Pontiac Street has turned from a quiet, lovely, 2 block area next to San Leandro border to this man's outdoor pick n' Pull. We pay taxes as homowners and he destroys the neighborhood with. Cars covered with rags that never leave and undesireables. Neighbors have no parking places near their housing because of abandoned cars of this man. He treats them like his children that he wants to keep close. He even parks them in my handicapped space.

Cameras are a great tool… but enforcement is needed. We’ve seen lots of video of crime and if nothing happens (enforcement, etc) then it is not really helpful.

Try this out: I've been using a drone and AI to locate and report all the dumpsites. We can report every trash pile in a large area, with a daily frequency. This creates really accurate and frequent reports which helps city officials to create plans for dealing with the waste and potentially to stem the root causes.

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